Abigo Medical AB Sweden

ABIGO Medical AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company which owns, develops, produces and markets pharmaceuticals and medical device products. The prime area for the medical device products are advanced wound care and ENT.

For the international markets ABIGO Medical focus on unique solutions in advanced wound care and ear, nose and throat (ENT).

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Dr Ulf Rönner
Associate Professor in Microbiology 

Adroit Science AB Sweden

Experts in all areas related to solid state characterization of pharmaceutical material. Unique knowledge related to development of Dry Powder Inhalation products, but cover also oral product development area.

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Mr Thomas Larsson
Mr Thomas Larsson
LinkedIn logo Project Manager 
Dr Lars-Erik Briggner
Dr Lars-Erik Briggner
Project Manager 

Alzinova AB Sweden

Alzinova AB is a privately held Swedish biotechnology enterprise engaged in drug discovery research for Alzheimer’s disease. A platform technology based on the AβCC™ peptides provides the company with long-term R&D capabilities. This technology enables Alzinova to explore novel therapeutic strategies and develop research tools that enhance productivity within Alzheimer's disease research.

Non-fibrillogenic mimics of endogenous toxic amyloid-β aggregates ('oligomers') are developed by Alzinova as vaccines with high efficacy in a Eurostars-funded project. Non-toxic mimetic amyloid-β are investigated as replacement therapy. The unique properties of the AβCC™ peptide platform technology has also enabled the development of a monoclonal antibody with 100% specificity for the disease-driving oligomers.

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Dr Anders Sandberg

APL Sweden

APL is a full scale Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation. Modern manufacturing processes and staff with cutting edge competence make APL a competent partner and supplier. We develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals and consumables for companies throughout the world. Our offers extend from the early research phase to commercial product.

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Mr Magnus Nilsson
Dr Anders Högdin

Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier AB Sweden

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AstraZeneca Sweden

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Anders Lehmann
LinkedIn logo Adjunct Professor, the Sahlgrenska Academy, Univ. of Göteborg 
Magnus Bjorsne
LinkedIn logo Business Development Director & VC Liaison at AstraZeneca 
Mattias Rehnberg
LinkedIn logo Global Category Manager 
Dr Niklas Magnell
LinkedIn logo Ass Dir 
Dr Stefan Pierrou
LinkedIn logo Team leader 
Dr Inge Kalies

Avalance Biotech AB Sweden

The Multifunctional pipette is tool for fast localized solution delivery for bioscientists.

It is comprised of a pneumatic control unit, an interfacing holder and the disposable pipette.

In combination with conventional micromanipulation apparatus, a small 100 micron  virtual flow chamber can be free positioned within a sample.

​Utilizing hydrodynamic confinement, the delivered solution can be localized and rapidly switched without contaminating the sample; enabling large numbers of experiments and parameters to be screened on a single sample dish.

Automation and screening can be achieved through scripting protocols.

Labview and Matlab libraries are now available.

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Dr Gavin Jeffries
LinkedIn logo COO 
Dr Alar Ainla
Professor Aldo Jesorka
Scientific advisor 

BioInvent International AB Sweden

BioInvent is a research-based pharmaceutical company developing innovative antibody drugs to target diseases with unmet clinical need. The Company's pipeline currently includes three product candidates for the treatment of cancer.

Our mission is to generate value for shareholders by building a sustainable portfolio of clinical development projects and, over time, successfully launching several innovative drugs.

In order to maximise the value of the Company we plan to:

  • Commercialise product candidates in co-operation with partners.
  • Retain rights to individual geographic markets for particular products where we consider that it would be feasible to establish a competitive sales and marketing force.
  • Broaden and expand our product portfolio to create more opportunities for generating successful products and increasing the likelihood of commercial success for the Company as a whole.
  • Gain access to innovative target proteins and/or projects from external research groups and use these as a basis for generating novel therapeutics using our proprietary technology platform.

Our revenues include licence fees, milestone payments, compensation of manufacturing and royalties on sales derived from our co-operation agreements around our product candidates. We also generate income by providing discovery development to our customers.

We expect to achieve sustainable profitability as soon as one of our products reaches the market. However, profits may be reported in certain years before this as projects reach key milestones that trigger payments from partners.

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Cristina Glad
LinkedIn logo Executive Vice President 
Titti Martinsson Niskanen
Director Project Management 

Business Region Göteborg Sweden

Business Region Göteborg AB is dedicated to strengthening and developing trade and industry in the Göteborg region in West Sweden. Our goal is to contribute to sustainable economic growth, a high level of employment and a diversified economy. The department of Business Establishment and Investment at Business Region Gothenburg is a “one-stop-shop, which aims at simplifying and assisting all companies planning to invest, relocate to or expand its operations in West Sweden.

Business Region Gothenburg is the first port of call for foreign companies or organisations looking for licensing opportunities, R&D collaboration, technology access, feasibility studies, potential partners and investment opportunities in West Sweden. Furthermore, We identify business opportunities abroad for our key accounts in West Sweden’s Life Science cluster which include but are not limited to research Institutes, Life Science companies, Science parks and incubators.

By getting in contact with us you will receive all information from a single player. We will also establish the necessary contacts and help you from introduction to business case. All our services are free-of-charge. We also help in booking meetings, site visits and finding premises if needed for entering the Scandinavian market.

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Mrs Iris Öhrn
LinkedIn logo Investment Manager 

Captario Sweden

Based on extensive experience in Drug development, encompassing Global project leadership, modeling and simulation and portfolio management Captario was founded to create a new generation of Pharma IT.

The Colab software helps cross-functional teams define and drive a drug development strategy from CD selection to launch. Using Colab, the teams manage project uncertainties and are supported by advanced visualization, modeling and simulation in making critical decisions.

Business Type
Mr Johannes Vänngård
Managing director 
Mrs Ingela Nylander
Business Development Director